We lift spirits ~ it’s our ethos and feeds our souls.

We search the seven seas for new and old favourites. From London to Launceston, we’ll bring you best the world has to offer.

Yarr if it be rum, you be truly after ~ this is the place to find many a palette’s treasure.

With a love of Gin and Rum we certainly have a penchant for whisky, we try to cover the many areas of the globe it is made.

From Dominican, Nicaraguan and Honduran to Brazilian, Mexican and of course Cuban we stock an ever changing range of quality cigars.

Our Story

The story be born from a love of gin, rum, and family. Five Generations ago being seafaring types the Hains family came across on boats to settle in Port Adelaide. Here they lived and prospered as the family grew.

Break-Even Bottle

An ever changing bottle of bespoke spirit sold at cost.A movement promoted as drunken Socialism by Bobby Hugel from the Anvil Bar and Refuge in the US. We loved the idea and brought it to Adelaide.