The Vision

The vision be born from a love of gin, rum, and family. Five Generations ago being seafaring types the Hains family came across on boats to settle in Port Adelaide. Here they lived and prospered as the family grew. The Admiral’s great grandfather partnered with a gentleman to started a furniture shop on Hindley St called Hains Hunkin, on the site of what is now the Grand Chancellor Hotel.

In the end taking he took full control of the business, which Ralph Louis Frederick Hains (Grandfather) then took over. At the time of retirement Ralf sold the business to another gentleman who was taking it on as a going concern, to my Grandfathers dismay he ended breaking the business up and selling of the pieces, leaving long serving staff and friends to find employment elsewhere.

To that end we are bringing the Hains name back to Hindley St, or at least close to it.

The Crew

Our ship be only as good the crew, and they are the ones plied with the task of Lifting Spirits.

The Admiral - Marcus Motteram
This be his ship and his story, with a strong belief in being serious about hospitality, but not about himself. Will oft be found on a Friday night manoeuvring around tables, chatting with passengers both new and old, and plying plenty with a wee tot of rum.
Captain Mack
Broardside Brent
Red Beard Rhys
Cut Throat Casey
The Black Pearl
Philthy Phil
Dead Eye Danby
Want the inside scoop on gin? Talk to this gin maker. A serious alchemist, and distiller of Ounce gin. Yes, that's right, at Hains & Co you get served by the maker himself.
The Pirate Josh Patil
Gunner Dauide
Captain Jack
The Commodore ~ Cody
A keen sailor and very affable, likely to pull you in and get you addicted to his preferred poison being one of Whisky.
Juggernaught Josh
Whaler Will
Russian Michael
Quatermaster Finn
Man 'O War Mateusz
Jibe-Ho Jess
Jack Tar
Captain Finn + Co